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Migrating VMWare VM’s via Clonezilla

Migrating VMWare VM’s via Clonezilla

Having a very odd issue migrating VMWare Windows machines over to PROXMOX using Clonezilla and wondering if anyone else has seen this (and has a solution!).

Here is what I am doing
In the VM on VMWare

  • Remove VMware tools
  • Run the mergeide.reg file
  • Make sure atapi.sys, intelide.sys, pciide.sys and pciindex.sys are present in %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers
  • Shutdown
  • Boot the VM backup but into Clonezilla

In the VM on Proxmox

  • Create a new VM with the same disk size, same RAM and CPU settings
  • Attach the clonzilla ISO and boot

I have tried two methods within Clonezilla,

  • “savedisk” to an NFS file system then restoring into the PROXMOX VM
  • “disk-to-disk” direct from the source VM to the destination VM

When I boot up the PROXMOX VM the console states “Booting from hard disk” and that’s as far as it gets. And this has happened for both methods of migration.


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