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A Simheuristic Algorithm for the Portfolio Optimization Problem with Stochastic Covariances and Returns

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Metaheuristics for Rich Portfolio Optimisation and Risk Management: Current State and Future Trends

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Systemic Risk Contagion in FX Market: A Frequency Connectedness and Network Analysis

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Transmission mechanisms of financial stress into economic activity in Turkey

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Carbondioxide Emission and Environmental Taxes in European Union Countries

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The Interaction Between Oil Price and Financial Stress: Evidence from the U.S. Data

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Hisse Senedi Piyasalarinda Finansal Baglantililik Analizi

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Volatility Transmission between Oil Prices and Financial Stress

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A Discussion On Fiscal Policies Implemented in EU During and After The Great Recession

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Relationship between Energy Consumption and GDP in developing OECD Countries: A Panel Co-integration Analysis

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Relationship between Electricity Consumption, Economic Growth and Carbondioxide Emission in Developing Countries: A Panel Co-integration Analysis

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The Growth Curve Analysis of carbondioxide Emission Per Capita in OECD Countries

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Volatility Spillover Analysis between Oil Prices and Financial Stress

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Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress (CISS) for Turkey

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Measuring the Financial Contagion: Evidence from Dynamic Betas and Similarity Based Network Structure

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